Emerge 2023 Details

We are so excited to have Emerge back up and running.  In just the last month, we have organized the entire event.  We have a gorgeous state of the art facility at Sharp to host the event.  We have over 15 doctors from various specialties who have agreed to teach.  We have another 20 or so nurses, pharmacists, healthcare professionals who are willing to invest their time so you (your kids) can experience the wonderful world of health care.  We are limiting this year to 100 students.  Hopefully by 2024, we are able to accommodate even more.  We have tried to keep the cost low so we can provide high level medical sims but still be reasonable for most students.  The sign up portal is now open.  Below are details.
Costs – $55 Includes Lunch
Place – Sharp SPIEC – 
Date – June 23rd – 9a-3p
Ages – 14-19 years old
Website – Emergetheconference.com
All sign ups are final.  No Refunds.  
Zack, Jenn, Laura, Andrew, Asia and everyone from the Emerge Team