Do you dream of being a doctor someday?  Are looking for a way to experience what it may look and feel like? We are so glad you found us!  Dive in to life as a doctor this summer at Emerge Conference 2018.


Spend a life-changing day in the state-of-the-art Medical Education and Telemedicine Building on the beautiful UCSD campus experiencing

Hands-on simulations

⇒Engaging lectures

⇒Q & A sessions

ALL led by world-class physicians.

Join other motivated high school students from around Southern California who are ready to emerge as the medical professionals of tomorrow.  


Emerge / 2018 Features…

I.  Professional Hands-On Simulations

  1. Chest Compressions
  2. Chest Tubes
  3. Intubations
  4. IV Insertions
  5. Burr Hole
  6. Pre-hospital Defibrillation
  7. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  8. Lacerations
  9. Setting Fractures
  10. Q & A about Colleges/Medical Schools/Residency Programs and more


II.  Lectures by World-Class Physicians

1.  Life-Threatening Emergencies

  1. Vital Signs and Medical History
  2. Lacerations and Wound Care
  3. Burns
  4. Cardiac Arrest
  5. Resuscitation
  6. Traumatic Head Injuries
  7. Heart Attacks
  8. Overdose
  9. Stroke
  10. Pneumothorax and more!

2.  The Process of Becoming a Doctor

  1. Undergraduate Degrees/Experience
  2. Choosing a Medical School
  3. Preparing for Exams
  4. Choosing a Specialty
  5. Residency:  What Is It?
  6. National Resident Matching Program
  7. Internship:  What Happens?
  8. Board Certification, Fellowship Opportunities, and more!

3.  Life as doctor

  1. Working Shifts, Taking Call
  2. Emotional Stress, Balancing Your Personal and Professional Lives
  3. Delayed income, Continuing Medical Education
  4. What’s Next in Medicine
  5. State-of-the-Art techniques
  6. Latest research
  7. What Needs to be Discovered?
  8. Why Patients Need Your Help Now


III. Mentorship-based Small Group Q & A Sessions


Don’t Miss This Fantastic Opportunity!

Did you know…

A senior in high school is:

ONE year away from college

TWO years away from picking a college major

THREE years away from taking the MCAT and applying to medical schools

FOUR years away from earning a Bachelor’s Degree

FIVE years away from starting medical school

SIX years away from taking the USMLE Step 1

SEVEN years away from rotating through the major medical specialties

EIGHT years away from taking the taking the USMLE Step 2 and interviewing for a residency

NINE years away from beginning residency and taking the USMLE Step 3

TEN years away from becoming a board-certified physician




Emerge Conference 2018

June 29, 2018 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Medical Education and Telemedicine Building, UCSD

$249 per attendee.  Open to students age 14+

Will YOU Be a Doc in a Decade?




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Founded in July 2017, Emerge Conference LLC exists to pass on the love and passion for medicine from current physicians to the next generation of physicians using conferences that are centered around professional, hands-on simulations, exciting lectures by world-class doctors, and mentorship-building small group/Q&A sessions.  We welcome students ages 14+ to register and join the ranks of the emerging medical professionals of tomorrow.  

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