Emergetheconference.com does not use any contact information we receive for anything other than correspondence about our events. Our event programs do contain a list of any attendees, guests, faculty, and staff.  We protect any private information we receive.  Should you wish for your/your minor’s name to be left out of programs, please let us know.  Sometimes News Media personnel stop by our events to cover it.  If you/your minor do not wish to be photographed/filmed/interviewed, please let us know in the “Comments” section of our billing page.  We ask that if you want us to email/call someone on your behalf (example:  student wants us to email their parent/teacher/coach/etc), you get their permission to share their email/phone number with us. 

We do not sell or give information we collect to third-parties.  Any medical information we collect (Insurance/Doctor/Emergency Contact) is used solely for emergency situations.  By signing up for our events or waitlists, you agree to be a part of our email list, which is how we correspond with our potential attendees and their parents/guardians, current attendees and their parents/guardians, employees, staff, and faculty. 

Stripe is our payment portal.  It is much like PayPal.  Stripe collects credit card information/payment on our behalf and then transfers any funds to our bank account, less transaction fees, after the payment clears.  We do not collect or retain any credit/debit card information.

We are extremely strict with our non-refund policy, as we have to order/create/make so many supplies and individualized items.  We are extremely strict with our non-transfer policy.  Please read through the Terms and Conditions, Medical Release Agreement, and Liability Release Agreement for any items/tickets you purchase.

We give and expect respect.  Please note that attendee registration/staff or faculty membership can be revoked, should we receive or experience inappropriate, dangerous, threatening, and/or lewd actions/correspondence/internet postings about or directed to us by our customers, faculty, staff, and attendees and/or their parents/guardians.

The MOST helpful thing you can do for us is pass along our website (emergetheconference.com), handle (@emergetheconference), or hashtag (#emergetheconference) to people whom you think may be interested in what we offer.  We are small.  We are new.  We want to stick around!

Lasty, we do are best to answer inquiries in a timely fashion.  Please contact Wendy Shinar, Event Coordinator at emergetheconference@gmail.com or (323) 236-7646 with any concerns/questions.