1.  How will I know my registration has been accepted?  We will contact you via email right away.  Should you have any questions, we may be reached by phone from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. M-F at 1 (323) 236-7676 or by email at:

2.  Are scholarships available?  Unfortunately, no.  We suggest contacting the doctors you know like your Primary Care Physician, Family Doctor, or Dentist to see if their Medical Group can help sponsor you.  Also, check with your School District to see if they can sponsor you.

3.  What if I do not know anyone there?  The goal of our conference is to introduce you to other motivated students just like you who hope to be doctors someday.  Because you will be rotating through lectures, Q & A sessions, and hands-on simulations all day, you will have ample time to get to know other attendees.

4.  Do I need a chaperone?  No.  We have a full staff of doctors, nurses, and health care practitioners.  Drop-off starts at 7:30 a.m.  Pick-up is from 5:00-5:30 pm.

5.  When should I register?  To receive the Early Bird Discount, you need to register by March 1, 2018 for the 10% off discounted rate of $249.  On March 2, General Registration begins for $279.  Registration closes June 1, 2018.

6.  What do I need to bring?  Treat our conference as you would a normal school day.  Have a backpack.  Be prepared to take notes by hand or electronically.  Lunch is provided, but you may want to pack a snack.  Please bring a water bottle, as well.

7.  What do I need to wear?  You will be on your feet during the simulations, so be sure to have comfy shoes.  Apart from that, regular school attire, as long as it is not offensive, is fine.

8.  What ages can come?  We accept applicants whose high school graduation years are between 2017 and 2022.  That roughly means ages 14-19.

9. Can I invite my friends?  Absolutely!  Direct them to our website and have them email for more details.

10.  How often will this happen?  Emerge the Conference is a once-a-year event.



Please email your questions to:

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