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Thank you, Escondido Charter High School!

I had the incredible opportunity to present about Emerge / 2018 to a huge group of students at Escondido Charter High School yesterday. Go, White Tigers!  I PROFUSELY apologize for wearing my cheetah shirt.  I will spend the next year scouring local stores for a White Tiger one!  

I was hosted by the incredible, Mrs. Jennifer Hegemann, ECHS’s Bio 1 & Bio 2 Teacher.  One student even signed up during my presentation.  He gets an obligatory photo on the site:

👇🏼 Wow.  This is a terrible photo of me.


Which has more lines…his T-shirt or my forehead?  

After the AWKWARD SILENCE which ALWAYS occurs after opening the floor for discussion, I got some GREAT questions.  See below…

  1.  Student A:  Where did you get your shirt?  Me:  The Mall

  2. Student B:  At what STORE in The Mall.   Me:  OH!  I thought you would never ask.  White House, Black Market.  [Reminder, you have to earn FOREHEAD LINES before you can shop there.  NO, I am NOT getting money for typing that.].



I REALLY enjoyed meeting POLITE, INQUISITIVE, and MOTIVATED students at ECHS. I have the BEST job.  Ya’ll are SUPER lucky to have Mrs. Hegemann as a teacher, too!  She’s also allowed to say she has the BEST job.

In other news, there are some gorgeous pieces of art on campus, should you have some time to spare whilst visiting Escondido.  Take a look…

TTFN!  Looking forward to seeing MANY of you June 29th.  I hope to be back next year for a visit.  In my white tiger shirt.

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  1. Thank you for coming to present to our students! Your enthusiasm was infectious! So many of my students are super excited to attend the medical conference!